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Aina Nui
Contact: Nyree Parisi
Address: PO Box 1605 Pahoa, Hi, 96778
About Us
42 acre off grid Family farm in Puna which was a thriving export flower farm owned and operated by Hiro Sato for 30 years (who himself was a famous plant breeder ) and then abandoned for 15 years when the blight hit Puna Anthurium farmers hard.

Since 2001when I purchased Aina Nui, I have been revitalizing and working with these very special, old and sometimes extremely rare varieties. These plants represent the pockets of genetic resistance which were able to survive the blight for over 15 years with zero human assistance (copper based, fungicides, milldewcides ect). They represent a truly healthy population of Anthurium.
We are 100% Organic….although not “certified”.
Unlike most Floriculture production (here and worldwide) , zero herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, mildewcides, or fertilizers are ever applied anywhere on our farm.
We continue to grow Anthurium the “old school” way on giant Hapu’u Tree Fern for both stability and shade all thriving under the canopy of old growth ‘Ohi’a RainForest.

We export fresh flowers to the mainland every Monday with FedEx…please reach out to me if interested in having Anthurium shipped .
Mahalo for the support !