Triple Plaid Farm
Contact: David Cooper
Address: General Delivery 17-4845 North Rd Kurtistown, HI, 96760
Email Address:
Phone: 808-896-7624
About Us
Triple Plaid Farm is a diversified vegetable, fruit, flower, and nut farm in Kurtistown. The farm is located on old sugar cane land, and is using regenerative agriculture practices—permanent ground cover, rotational grazing, cover crops, crop rotation—to restore the soil’s fertility. Healthy soil produces healthier, more nutritious crops that can protect themselves from pests and disease.
All Triple Plaid Farm crops are grown in soil, using regenerative agriculture techniques. Fertility is provided through the use of cover crops and compost; small amounts of organically approved fertilizers are used when needed. We use minimal hand tillage to prepare beds, and then practice no-till agriculture once permanent beds are established. No synthetic chemical fertilizers or pesticides are ever used on the farm.