Hamakua Aloha Farm
Contact: Brett Lomont
Address: PO Box 369 Laupahoehoe, HI, 96764
Email Address:
Phone: 808-754-3647
About Us
"Market garden" size, non-certified organic, no-till regenerative soil format.
Current products (Fall of 2020) are cherry and full-sized tomatoes, long purple eggplant, green string beans, apple bananas.

Future products will include taro and other vegetables, long-term development of breadfruit orchard.
Incorporated in October 2017, first harvest Fall 2020.
Organic (not certified), no-till. Extensive use of mulch, compost, microbes, cover crops to build organic soil matter and nutrients. Cover crops provide diversity for predatory insects and balance of fungal and microbe species as primary pest and disease control (as of first harvest--we'll see how that goes). Planning to include sheep and chicken grazing for weed control and fertilization.