Mahi'ai Made Chocolate
Contact: Formerly Hawaiian Crown Chocolate
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About Us
Formerly Hawaiian Crown Chocolate - new branding! Lovingly Grown and Made in Hawai'i Nei by Local Mahi'ai.
The 100% Hawai‘ian cacao we use for our chocolates comes from our very own Honoli‘i Estate Farm, for a true Tree-to-Bar chocolate experience! We are a "no spray" farm, using agroforestry and permaculture practices to lessen our impact on the land. This is to create a healthier growing environment for our crops, and healthier foods for you!

Our founder and Master Mahi‘ai (farmer), Tom, has been farming on Oahu, Maui and Big Island over 4 decades, traveling the world to share his experience as a consultant and learn from other cultures. Those connections have turned into wonderful partnerships with other local mahi‘ai, who's products we are proud to source and offer to you.
Encouraging Conservation and Self Sustainable Growth Within the Islands.
Hawai‘i is our home, and it is our kuleana (responsibility) to mālama ‘āina (care for the land) as much as it cares and provides for us. We strive to balance this stewardship with the growing need for fresh, healthy foods in our communities and to ensure food stability for future generations.

Locally grown. Stone ground. Hand poured. 200% Hawaiian.