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808 Greens n Things
Contact: Bruce & Janell Kuamoo
Address: PO Box 73 Kurtistown, HI, 96760
About Us
808 Greens n Things is a locally owned hydroponic farm in Hawaiian Acres. The greenhouse in completely enclosed to control the growing environment. Our system uses the NFT growing method in a CEA (Controlled Environment Agriculture). CEA provides protection from all the elements and pests as well as maintain optimal growing conditions throughout the entire growth cycle. 24/7 Monitoring of EC levels, Water Temperature and PH levels plays a vital role in the plant's nutrient content, aroma and taste.

Our mission is to provide healthy, local grown, pesticide & disease free, produce at AFFORDABLE prices. Providing a product that will last weeks and maintain its flavor.
Controlled Environment Agriculture - Hydroponically Grown - No Pesticides