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Oribe Tea Co.
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About Us
Oribe (pronounced Oh-Ree-Bay) Tea Co.

Hawaii, situated halfway between the U.S. mainland and Japan, boasts a multiethnic culture with influences from many different heritages.

Our Company name is inspired by the works of an old Japanese Tea Master.

In the late 16th Century Japan, art was at the center of Japanese aristocratic life, and the Tea Master was at the center of the art world. No art was more revered at the time than the humble tea ceremony; simple, unassuming vessels to cradle a delicate brew of fine leaves. In fact, so revered was the refined pottery used in these ceremonies, that wars were fought over them. Invading Japanese seamen pillaged Korean villages stealing well known artisans, scholars and potters to bring back to Japan. In 1591, when Furuta Oribe was named the new Tea Master of Japan, he called for an end to this barbaric practice. He insisted that the wares desired could be commissioned right there in Japan from local craftsmen, and with some guidance, could surpass the quality of any imported vessel.

This story stuck with us as we began our tea company and it is with a similar mission that Oribe Tea LLC evolved.

We endeavor to be a true Hawaiian brand, meaning that we put priority on sourcing local ingredients, from our Island home. We blend these with high quality, usually always organic ingredients that are chosen to compliment what we've sourced locally. We are based in Hawaii and have always brewed and bottled in Hilo on the Big Island where we are rooted in the community and where we find our strength.

We hope you enjoy the teas that we are carefully crafting from these Hawaiian ingredients.