Kilohana Honey
Address: HCR 3 Box 10058 Keaau, HI, 96749
Phone: 808-443-9589
About Us
Entrepreneurs Vanessa and Devin raise bees and harvest honey in the Keaau region of the Big Island. They began their love of beekeeping shortly after planting a fruit and vegetable garden almost 10 years ago. Unfortunately (and fortunately!) it came as a shock and a call to action upon seeing a lack of honey bees pollinating their garden. It was around the time that the effects of several introduced honey bee pests brought about a huge decline in the local honey bee population. Bees in Hawaii have been making a slow and steady recovery since then, but with a lot more vigilance from their beekeepers. It is no easy road, but we need bees! Vanessa and Devin have committed themselves to this cause and invite you to try the honey of their labors!

They have just launched their retail space Big Island Meadery where they produce locally made HONEY WINE! There's also honey and other bee products for sale!

Located at 16-313 Shipman Road Keaau HI 96749
Tuesday - Saturday 10-6pm
Good bookkeeping allows us to track the honey flows and to harvest during certain major blooms in our area. Our Macadamia Nut and Albizia are as close to a seasonal varietal as can be, while still allowing for a healthy diet for our bees. We are naturally situated in an area that allows ample variety both in nectar and pollen sources, giving the bees enough to choose from when they're collecting their carbs and proteins. We believe that strong, healthy bees produce the best honey! And in support of that we do not engage in trucking our bees across island to take advantage of certain bloom seasons. When you buy from us you are truly supporting LOCAL local honey!