Enduring Heart Farm
Address: PO Box 237 Hilo, HI, 96721
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Phone: 415-999-5234
About Us
We are located in Papa'aloa on a beautiful 5 acre property. Our orchard was planted around 30 years ago and we have durian, mangosteen, rambutan, tangelos, avocados, and other tropical fruit. Half of the farm is bordered by a spring that runs all year. Our bordering neighbors also grow organic tropical fruit. In addition to the orchard, we have a small but growing free range chicken and muscovy duck flock. They keep down the weeds and pest while providing fertilizer to our trees.
My husband and I each have 15 years of experience in permaculture and regenerative farming practices. We use organic practices on our farm, but we haven't started the process to secure an organic certification.

Our ducks and chickens are fed organic layer crumbles and scratch, along with grass and fruit. Currently, they have been feasting on our over productive starfruit tree. Our aim is to grow a majority of their food in the future only supplement with purchased feed as needed. That will include: black solider fly grubs, moringa, malabar spinach, bananas, papayas, and a variety of other fruits and vegetables.

We treat for fire ants using Tango and Antixx (Antixx uses spinosad which is OMRI certified, however the corn/oil medium is not organic.)