Small House Growers
Contact: Kaliko High
Address: PO Box 492879 Kea'au, HI, 96749
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About Us
Small, kanaka-owned nursery in Mountain View, Hawai'i. Our focus is producing native plants that support a healthy and abundant native ecosystem, and food crops to increase food security on the island.
We believe sustainability and food security go hand in hand. When we emphasize local agriculture, everyone benefits. Communities are enriched by small-scale, local farmers, less resources are wasted bringing food from afar, and the consumer gets fresh food from a farmer they can actually talk to. And growing even a little of your own food makes you a contributing member of a sustainable food system. It's all win-win!
What about native plants? It is just as important to grow natives, so that a strong native ecosystem can provide the foundation for a thriving community. Many native Hawaiian plants are endangered, but are easy to grow much of the time. We grow the natives to malama aina: to preserve our connection to this land, to provide continuity for native animals, and to honor the ancestors who recognized that the native environment is made up of our living relatives who deserve care and respect.
All our native plants are propagated either from mother plants under cultivation on site, or occasionally collected from the wild. Our veggies come from non-GMO, organic seeds and are grown with organic fertilizers, including compost and vermicastings produced on the farm.
All our plants are tested for Little Fire Ants before leaving the property.